Types and causes of skin problems


Acne is one of the most common skin problems around. But even though it might not be as dangerous as cancer, if you leave it untreated, it can severely disfigure your face. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman; acne is just as dreadful in both cases. Even though it is most prominent in youngsters and teenagers don’t make the mistake of thinking that it can’t affect you after a certain age.

Let’s take a look at a few of the different types of acne:

1. Whiteheads are basically small red pimples which have white pus in them. These are formed when pores on your skin get blocked with oily skin & dirt.

2. Blackheads are just like whiteheads with only one small difference, the top of their pimples are open & exposed to air.

3. Then there are pustules which are an inflamed type of pimples. They are hard & full of pus with a yellow or white centre.

4. Papules are inflamed acne which basically are red colored bumps on your skin. They are usually quite sensitive.

5. Nodules are very hard and are extremely painful as well. They are found under your skin.

6. And lastly, cysts are filled with pus & huge. They look just like sacs filled with fluid and are painful but they can easily get rid of them using a dermatologist.

Now let’s take a look at a few of the causes of acne:

1. The main cause is the stimulation of the sebaceous glands. This causes an increase in production of sebum which is a very oily substance. This keeps your skin lubricated and moist and also blocks hair follicles. This causes the formation of pimples on the outermost layer of your skin.

2. Bacterial infection can also lead to acne. This bacteria lives on your skin. It’s suggested that you don’t touch these pores as they can easily spread to other parts of your body.

3. As far as the food you eat is concerned, it may also be a reason for your acne formation. If the food you are eating doesn’t suit your skin it’s recommended that you change your diet.

4. Stress is another leading cause of acne formation. Even your immune system can become less effective because of acne.

5. And lastly, using too much cosmetics can block off the pores of your skin. In order to avoid this you should try and use organic or natural ingredients instead of artificial and cheap ones.

Solution for dark skin problem


Do you feel pathetic because of your dark knees and elbows? Are they the reason you can’t wear stylish clothes? Do you find yourself constantly striving to cover up these parts of your body? Well, it is true that dark knees and elbows can put an end to any person’s plans as far as fashion is concerned and can severely dent a person’s self esteem but there is a solution to this problem. Given below are a few effective solutions you can try out:

1. The first thing that you should try is to use a skin scrub. This can be made from a variety of things including lemon juice, honey, brown sugar, etc. When you scrub your skin, you will be getting rid of all the dead skin cells. These dead cells are what make your elbows & knees appear darker than they actually are. Using a skin scrub will also help reduce melanin production in your body. Remember though that whenever you exfoliate or scrub your skin, it should never be dry. Always dampen it first. This is why it is recommended that you scrub your skin during your bath. Just dampen your skin & use it just before you want to use soap.

2. Another very effective remedy is pearl powder. This skin-whitening treatment was used by a lot of Chinese women earlier. It can be used in the form of a topical treatment as well. All you have to do is mix some of it with a few spoons of almond oil and you’re good to go. You can rub it on your elbows and your knees. Almond oil will help as well since it can hydrate your skin & inhibit the creation of melanin.

3. Glycolic acid is one more very effective remedy. It can be extracted from sugar cane juice. The main reason it is so effective is because it can replace your old & damaged skin. It can help you push younger skin to the top as well. Mixing it with turmeric powder will only increase its effectiveness. And the best part is that you can apply it to any area of your skin which is affected.

4. And lastly, you can look for natural skin whitening creams. Creams which contain maracuja, manuka honey, phytessence wakame and extrapone nutgrass are especially effective. If you can find any of these creams they will definitely get the job done for you.

So what are you waiting for? Start searching for them today.

Dry skin problem and solutions


It is very important that you take care of all your bodily organs isn’t it? But your skin also requires special care doesn’t it? This is because your skin’s health is what will determine how you look. There is no denying the fact that your skin is the biggest organ in your body. It regulates your body temperature as well. Even though you might not believe this, it is a fact. This is the main reason why it is essential that you handle any and all dry skin problems effectively and in time.

You need to focus on all parts of your body which are exposed to the elements. Having dry skin on your face can cause a lot of trouble and can even lead to white peels forming. Dry lips aren’t a great sight either as they will itch and may even start bleeding after some time. Even your hands are affected negatively and this dryness has similar symptoms as well. So you see you will have to find a good treatment for every single part of your body.

It’s important that you use a gentle cleanser for this but don’t use face scrub treatments. You could consider wearing a mask each week as well as long as it’s a nourishing treatment. Even moisturizing night creams could do the trick.

You will also have to protect your skin from the weather as well. You could try a face cream which has sunscreen and moisturizing qualities as well. You could even opt for product which is rich in oils to use during the winter months to get increased protection. You can even wear a scarf to cover your cheekbones & neck during extremely cold days.

Dry lips aren’t something which you can easily deal with either. You can use protective lip balm for this though. There are some balms which even come with bee wax extracts that are an excellent choice for nourishing your lips as well. You can also consider increasing the humidity in your room using any humidifiers from the market.

And lastly, the skin on your hands is prone to a lot of damage caused mostly by excess dryness. This is why it is important for you to use special nourishing and moisturizing creams at night and protective creams during the day. You could even opt for sophisticated night creams which will not force you to wear gloves.

So now that you know what you can do to keep your skin healthy, what are you waiting for? Start working on your skin today.

5 Foods for Healthy Skin


Have you always wondered if a healthy diet could help you as far as the health of your skin is concerned? The truth is, your diet can not only help your skin but is also beneficial for your heart and mind. Here are a few foods which are good for your skin:

1. Water- One of the most overlooked foods is also the most easily available ones, water. At the end of the day, your skin is just another organ which is made from cells. If your cells aren’t properly hydrated, it is obvious that they won’t perform satisfactorily. Your skin may become tight, flaky or even dry. Dry skin can get cut very easily and is more prone to getting wrinkled as well. That being said, skin is among the last few organs that get hydrated. The chances of hyper hydrating your skin with water are very low, so drink up. Water can also help detoxify your skin. It helps get rid of waste from your body. If not effectively gotten rid of, this waste can lead to many different rashes and irritations on the skin including acne.

2. Salmon- Salmon is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. You can get wild salmon in almost any grocery store as well. It is anti-inflammatory as well which means that it can help you with multiple discomforts like elbow, knee and other pains related to tendonitis. As far as your skin is concerned, salmon can help reduce redness, unclog your pores and stop wrinkles from forming. It can also protect you against the sun to a certain extent. It can even reduce the production of androgen which causes oily skin.

3. Avocado- Avocados are the best vegetarian source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Avocados also have a lot of vitamin E. This makes it an effective antioxidant which counteracts any free radicals effectively. Anti-oxidants help in decelerating most signs & symptoms of aging.

4. Whey protein- This contains lactoferrin which is great for preventing acne. It is alkaline as well which means it helps prevent cancer too. Alkaline foods also help improve brain functionality and improve energy absorption from food. Having acidic blood is very harmful for your skin as it causes your cells to degenerate which speeds up the process of aging.

5. Kiwi- This fruit contains a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is very effective as far as collagen production is concerned and also helps to keep your skin supple and firm. It is also a strong anti-oxidant and can help in neutralizing free radicals and can even help repair DNA damage. Some other foods which are high in vitamin C include bell peppers, broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, citrus fruits, cherries and strawberries.

Now that you know which foods are beneficial for the health of your skin, incorporate them into your diet immediately.